November 6, 2012 – 1:25 pm

9 Ways to Improve Your Social Media Marketing Webinar-Review

9 Ways to Improve Your Social Media Marketing Cover Photo

It’s been awhile since I’ve sat in on a Social Media Examiner (SME) webinar but last week I took some time out to get the latest on Social Media by watching SME’s “9 Ways to Improve Your Social Media Marketing.” According to Phil Mershon, Director of Social Media Events for Social Media Examiner, roughly 4,000 people signed up with over 1,000 watching the webinar live. Presenters this time around were Andrea Vahl, Rick Brooks and the infamous Michael Stelzner.

One thing Stelzner pointed out was the information being given in the webinar applied to all spectrums of the business world (B2B and B2C). There’s something for everyone in this presentation.

Now the 9 Ways. As usual, SME only allows their actual webinar to be available for a short period of time and only if you signed up. However, I’m going to list the 9 points they made and make available the PDF of the slides for download.

Here some key takeaways from the webinar:

1. Effortless Social Sharing: Make sure you have sharing buttons placed above the fold on your page (especially for the more pertinent social networks you find the most robust). Good social sharing button options are Digg Digg and the WP-Twitter Retweet Button.

2. Use Images Often: Use a unique and branded image that stimulates a Call-to-Action. A great idea for this is to use a screenshot of posts for previews when posting a status update.

3. Customize YouTube Thumbnails: In order to do this:

a. Go to Settings
b. Channel Settings
c. Monetization
d. Enable My Account


a. Video Manager
b. Info & Settings
a. Customize Thumbnail

4. Mine the mind of the Experts: Stelzner focused on Podcasting. The benefits of Podcasting include: exclusive content for the end user, ability for the end user to multi-task and the fact that Podcasts have a higher consumption rate than videos. Visit to find out how to actually Podcast.

5. Running the Perfect Facebook Ad: Vahl focused on re-engaging Promoted Posts in order to get friends of friends to see your Facebook ad. Another thing that was stressed was using Sponsored Stories more often and to remember if you are selling something, offer a deal.

6. Drive More Traffic to Your Blog: A great way to find out what topics on your blog that attracts visitors is to use Query Reports within Google Analytics. This can be found in the Traffic Sources section of Google Analytics. From this report you will get a good sense of the best topics for future blog posts.

7. Simplify Twitter Management : A couple tools Stelzner mentioned worth looking into were, and Tweetbot (to filter out specific kinds of tweets). Mining your Twitter data will ultimately allow for greater engagement with your audience.

8. Speed Networking on LinkedIn: The key here is to be selective in who you network with. Don’t be lazy and just do the select all option.

9. Making Meaningful Connections: Find complimentary Facebook pages to make connections with. This will foster relationships on Facebook and help build support behind your brand with the help of other companies.

So that’s about the it folks. As usual, Stelzner and his team do a pretty good job delivering information on how the social media landscape is changing and how people connected to social media can adapt to that. Of course there was the plug at the end for Social Media Marketing World. But hey, man’s gotta eat. If you have any feedback on this webinar, feel free to drop a comment and let your ROAR be heard!

Click here to download the PDF of the webinar’s slides.