November 16, 2010 – 7:41 pm

V.I.N.A. Radio Media Kit

For my first client, Vietnamese International Network Association/Vietnamese Public Radio, I was asked to assemble a media kit for the station and create an advertising program. At the bottom of this post you will find a three-pronged media kit for the station featuring:

  • Fact Sheet
  • Rate Card
  • Brochure

Believe it or not but this kit took a really long time to assemble.  Like I’m talking since July people.  The first part of the kit, the Fact Sheet, required obtaining a representative sample of VINA’s listening audience.  I asked the director of the station to supply me with data of current listeners and then I used a nifty online tool to calculate my representative sample.  Then I enlisted the translation services of Channhu Hoang, a dear friend of mine and the guy that brought this client to me, to call the representative sample (350+ listeners) and ask them a set of questions I drafted out.  He did an amazing job of compiling the data and since I don’t speak Vietnamese, this task would have been impossible without him.  Thanks Channhu!

From there, I decided to make a few pie charts to display the demographics of the listeners for the station.  I also did some secondary research on the Vietnamese population in general, so I could include some facts on how lucrative of an audience the Vietnamese population is to advertise to.  I submitted my draft (which was pretty plain) and received feedback that it needed to be jazzed up a bit.  I’m no graphic designer.  Enter Lorikeet Media to save my butt as usual.  Lori, did a really nice job of sprucing up the fact sheet and the client approved the piece.

The super tedious part came when I had to make the rate card which involved lots of formulas and math.  Ick!  However, calculating a rate card is something essential to advertising for any publication (radio, TV, magazine, newspapers) so advertisers know how much you’re charging them and if they’re really getting their bang for their buck (looking at impressions, rotations, time slots, etc).  I searched through the internet far and wide to figure out how could I possibly find out how to calculate rates for a rate card.  They don’t really teach this in school.  Fortunately I stumbled upon an article on called “How to Calculate Advertising Rate Cards”  This article saved my life!  I basically just followed the steps listed out.  And to get information on other stations’ rates I called them up and acted as a student doing a project and that easily got me numbers that are otherwise proprietary (shhh…..).   From there I calculated the basic formulas for rates and consulted Channhu again for program categories and then asked Lorikeet Media to again help me spruce up the rate card.  That finished this piece.

The final part of the media kit was the brochure.  This piece was pretty easy to assemble since I was provided with preliminary information on the station and just tweaked the copy a bit to flow better.  To keep consistency, Lorikeet Media also designed the brochure.  This piece is great since VINA’s radio format is so unique.  But if advertisers want to get the lowdown on what VINA is all about they can just read through the brochure.

And there you have it.  VINA’s official media kit, assembled and compiled by Lion’s ROAR Marketing and Lorikeet Media.   And if anyone is looking for some reasonable priced radio spots with a super niche lucrative audience, VINA is definitely the way to go 😉


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