January 16, 2013 – 7:51 pm

Insurance Commercials and How Hilariously Awesome They Are

When you think of Insurance, what words come to mind? Probably mundane, sleep-inducing or fine print intensive, right? Wrong. In the past ten years, I have been astonished by how insurance companies have been able to market their services in a light everything opposite of the words just described.

When you think about it, making insurance fun and sexy is what needs to be done if these companies want to gain customers. Consumers don’t want to think about the likelihood that they’ll get into a devastating car accident or their house being burned to the ground. Therefore, it makes sense insurance commercials distract consumers from thinking about such things when being encouraged to buy their services.

With a spending power of over $4 billion on advertising, the insurance industry is a force to be reckoned with when playing the ad game. Here are five of my favorite insurance commercials.

1. Farmers Insurance – Dog Bites: University Farmers

This commercial came out at the beginning of the year (Jan. 3) and features Mac McGuff (Juno and Spiderman). Especially enjoy this commercial because it combines actually describing what their services are while being incredibly funny at the same time.

2. Esurance – Cheep

Another newer insurance commercial (Oct. 12) which plays around with the word “cheap/cheep.” The strategy in this commercial entails focusing on how all the rage in insurance commercials has been about how much people save.  But Esurance focuses on how they’re a smart choice and have been about saving people money all along.  Gotta love the baby chick too.

3. Progressive – Standoff

The infamous Flo from Progressive Auto Insurance returns in the ongoing series of commercials with another funny short.  The commercial features their new “Name Your Price Tool.”  Never seen Flo get so wiled up like that before.

4. State Farm – Magic Jingle Buffalo

One of my favorites from a couple years ago features the classic State Farm jingle, “Like a good neighbor State Farm is there.”  State Farm’s value proposition is saying they’ll be there at your beckon call (even if there’s a stampede of buffaloes attacking your vehicle).

5. Nationwide Insurance – NationPam

Another oldey but a goody.  Still Nationwide’s jingle, “Nationwide is on your side,” this commercial features Pam and how awesome Nationwide is at serving Pam by not treating her like a policy number a real person.

These are just a few of my favorites.  As stated by Advertising Age’s report on insurance advertising, “The goal is to grab the attention of consumers who would rather not think about insurance.”  Additionally, at any given time their are roughly 20 million Americans who are in the market for a new insurance provider.  That’s a sizable consumer base.  Therefore, let the insurance ad campaigns rage on.

Have any other favorites I missed or you would like to share.  Drop a comment and let your ROAR be heard!