November 18, 2010 – 6:51 pm

Biz Prof Photos With Vu Deo Photography

The narcissist in me has always wanted a professional photo shoot.  I have been scouting far and wide for the right photographer to get some business professional images though.  Refer back to my previous post to see the images Channhu Hoang captured of me at the National Mall.  The pictures are very nice but I was extremely uncomfortable at the shoot (it being a 100 degrees and all) so I finally decided to ask a friend of mine, Vu Deo.  I met Vu Deo through another friend of mine and he showed me previous work Vu had done with him and his partner.  I was very impressed and always wanted to have a shoot with Vu.  Look at his awesome portfolio here.

On November 6, 2010, I trekked to Vu Deo’s lovely abode in Arlington to do my photo shoot.  If anyone wants a wonderful photo shoot experience, Vu is the guy.  Not only does he have a killer portfolio to attract clients but he has great technique to getting you to look your best.  I was a little nervous when I first got there but Vu talked me through the shoot and made me feel comfortable.  He was great at providing direction on how to pose, what angles worked best for me, and always showed me the most recent frames so I knew how I was photographing.  He was also very patient which I greatly appreciated.

As far as technical aspects, Vu uses a Canon Mark III 1DS to shoot pictures and also uses a Elinchrom lighting set and also made his own lighting modificator for any of those advanced photographers out there.  I’m not sure what most of that means, all I know is that it means you’ll receive great pictures :-p

What I was aiming for during the shoot was something business professional yet something modern and edgy as well.  Hopefully that translated.  I can breathe now knowing that I let the narcissist in me have it’s moment.

Don’t forget to keep Vu Deo Photography in mind for any of your photography needs!  Thanks Vu for everything 😀 !