November 16, 2012 – 10:08 pm

The Year is 1987: Retro Advertisements

The year is 1987. Michael Jackson’s “Bad” reigned on the Billboard Charts, a gallon of gas was $0.89 and Ryan Oliver Alexander Rosado (R.O.A.R.) was born. While cleaning my apartment the other weekend I stumbled upon a little booklet filled with ads from 1987. They’re from Seek Publishing’s “Remember When” series. Thought I’d share them in all their glory.  Blast from the past with some ads:

1987 Ad 11

I remember wearing these.

1987 Ad 8

In the days of cassette tapes.

1987 Ad 7

M&M’s keeps it simple here with minimal text and composition.  Rare for 1987 I’d say.

1987 Ad 6

I guess people had more time to read ads back then.

1987 Ad 5

Even back then women were concerned with highlights despite the dramatic hair styles.

1987 Ad 4

Whitening toothpaste was also around back then as well.

1987 Ad 3

Something I can clearly remember from 1987.

1987 Ad 2

Still in style today.

1987 Ad 1

Saved the best for last.  Remember the bricks?

My how we have come a long way.  If you remember any other killer ads from 1987, feel free to drop a comment and let your ROAR be heard.