July 3, 2012 – 1:49 pm

MyCurrent: The New Face of Real-Time Updates

MyCurrent LogoI think I speak for most people today when I say our friends on Facebook or people we follow on Twitter sometimes deliver news faster than say CNN or Fox News. That’s because people are usually always connected via social media. Now wouldn’t it be a neat idea to combine the lightning fast reaction of people posting content and making it more in line with receiving information like a news station?

Well there is a cool new add-on for your Mac or PC called MyCurrent. “MyCurrent is a desktop app that streams your social media content in a ticker-tape format. MyCurrent allows you to continue working on your computer while the feeds stream across the bottom of your screen, much like a newscast ticker tape.”

I first found out about MyCurrent by checking out a weekly round-up post by Social Media Examiner. I downloaded and haven’t stopped using it since. Currently in Beta Release 1.0, MyCurrent is free for download and requires Adobe Air to download successfully.

A few of my favorite things about using MyCurrent:
• You can update your status or post a tweet without having to open your browser.
• Once you click on a Facebook update or tweet you are directed straight to that content.
• Users can engage with content without having to switch tabs or screens.
• While performing other functions on your computer, users can still view Facebook and Twitter updates at the bottom of their screen. Great multi-tasking tool.
• It’s free!

Another great feature about MyCurrent is the ability to adjust the size and position of the application. You can move it around wherever you want on your screen. Also, if you do not wish to view specific updates from your feed you are able to discontinue receiving updates from them.

MyCurrent Screenshot
An interesting fact about MyCurrent is that it is operated through Overstock.com. Occasionally you’ll see an update in your MyCurrent feed that lets you know a friend’s birthday is coming up. Birthdays are great opportunities to buy gifts, especially from Overstock.com 😉

In the future, MyCurrent plans to launch a mobile app, allow more customization as far User Interface (UI) and the capability for more social media platform integration (MyCurrent currently only integrates Facebook and Twitter).

I especially like this application since it can be difficult to keep on top of tweets and status updates when performing other tasks on your computer. I’ve been surprised by how many updates I wouldn’t have otherwise seen unless I didn’t have an application like MyCurrent to keep me informed. If anyone else has also used this awesome application, drop a line and let people know if you like it or not. Let your ROAR be heard!