April 25, 2015 – 4:34 pm

GovLoop Blogging: A Collection of My Posts

GovLoop Ryan Rosado

Earlier this year I took on the task of participating in GovLoop’s Featured Blogger Challenge.  I submitted my application and ta-da I was selected to be included in their team of bloggers!  From January 9 – March 27, 2015, I produced one blog post per week on topics relating to either being a government employee, workplace matters or communication trends.  You know what they say; only write about what you know.  Below is a collection of the posts I wrote for them.  Enjoy and please check them out:

1.  9 Easy & Engaging Icebreakers for Meetings

2.  Confessions of a Government Employee: Why  I Became A Civil Servant

3.  The Open Office Layout: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

4.  Case of the Introverted Extrovert

5.  Big Brother and What You Didn’t Know About Social Media Activities

6.  Think On Your Feet: Rising to the Occasion of Standing Meetings

7.  On A Mission to Recognition: Why It Matters in the Workplace

8.  Organic Mentoring: Growing Mentoring Relationships Naturally

9.  Origins of Strategic Communications & Public Affairs

10. “The Rules of the Workplace”: My Workplace Bible

11.  Achieving Victory With Synergy

12. The Walking Dead & Leadership Styles: When Two Worlds Collide

Working with GovLoop was an amazing experience and one for which I am very greatful for.  It really pushed me as a writer and helped me to challenge myself as a business professional.  Please leave a comment below to share your thoughts about GovLoop (I know they’ll all be positive ones) and let your ROAR be heard!

  • Catherine Andrews

    Thanks for sharing the GovLoop love, Ryan – you were a fabulous featured blogger and we appreciated all of your amazing content!