September 17, 2013 – 6:32 pm

Lion's Roar Marketing & Washington Blade

The Washington Blade has recently been releasing special issues which have included two features written by none other than Lion’s Roar Marketing aka Ryan Rosado aka me.

I last wrote for the Blade in May 2012 when I penned a feature about the Latin-fusion band, Alma Tropicalia for the 2012 Capital Pride Guide.  This previous piece can be read here.

This time around, I was tasked to write about LGBT Sports Marketing and the latest set of record releases for Fall 2013.  Click here and here respectively to be redirected to the pages where my features are located.

Hope you enjoy it!  I had a blast writing these pieces and look forward hearing people’s feedback.  Leave a comment a below if you would like.  Let your ROAR be heard!

August 3, 2013 – 8:45 pm

Star Wars Contract

A wise modern-day poet once said, “Check yourself before you wreck yourself.”  This wise modern-day poet is none other than Ice Cube.  The LA native rapper has a good point though.  Especially when performing work with clients or business partners, one should indeed check themselves before they wreck themselves.

I’ve learned this the hard way.  I have performed services for clients or business partners and later ran into the issue of being properly compensated for the work I had done.  Much of this unpleasantness could have been avoided if I had required my client or business partner to sign a “Contract for Services Rendered” in addition to submitting an invoice after services were performed.

Even if your business partner or client is your friend, draft a “Contract for Services Rendered.”  Although this conversation may be uncomfortable to have, it needs to happen.  The last thing you want is to have a discussion about compensation after services are rendered that turns into an argument and you ultimately walking away empty handed since no legal document or discussion was had in the beginning of the working relationship.

To remedy this issue, I have researched templates for a “Contract for Services Rendered” document.  The most intuitive and compressible one I found was located at this site:

Contract for Services Rendered Template

You don’t need to have had pass the Bar Exam to understand this legal exercise.  One simply has to fill in the blanks with the appropriate information and voila , legal protection!  Additionally, emailing this document on top of requiring the compensating party to sign and return the legal document is added protection for the party rendering services to have filed away.  Worst comes to worst you will have solid evidence that you corresponded with the client or business partner to ensure proper compensation and negotiations prior to rendering services.

Now I know this stuff sounds like a no-brainer but it is easier than one thinks to put off this conversation until the end.  Much like one has to broach the subject of salary when in the interview process.

sign here

To recap, make sure to have the following items/processes completed when engaging in a services rendered transaction.

  1.  Contract for Services Rendered, drafted
  2.  Email sent to client or business partner stating Contract for Services Rendered is attached and feedback and negotiations are encouraged in order to begin performing services.
  3. Invoice delivered outlining work performed with amount due posted according to rates established with submitted Contract for Services Rendered.

So there you go.  Common sense legal protection at its finest.  Remember the words of the wise Ice Cube and please leave a comment below if you have had similar experiences with contractual compensation messiness or have additional input to contribute.  Let your ROAR be heard!

June 4, 2013 – 8:56 pm

Hipstamatic vs Instagram

Remember Hipstamatic?  The first major digital photo filtering app?  The original Instagram?  Nope?  Well, the other day I got to thinking about Hipstamatic and how the heck it’s been doing lately.  For those of you who have no idea what I’m talking about, checkout my previous post on Hipstamatic from 2011 or read below for some background information about Hipstamatic:

 “Hipstamatic is a digital photography application for the Apple iPhone. It uses the iPhone’s camera to allow the user to shoot square photographs, to which it applies a number of software filters to make the images look as though they were taken with an antique film camera. The user can choose among a number of effects which are presented in the application as simulated lenses, films and flashes.”

I remember downloading Hipstamatic in 2010 for a $1.99 after its launch in 2009.  Soon after Instagram was released.  I remember being extremely loyal to Hipstamatic for the longest time and refusing to completely switch to Instagram.  However it became quite apparent to me that Instagram was more user-friendly and more of my friends and products/prominent figures were on it.  It was easier to share my photos and received that ego-boosting social media validation one tends to strive for.

Hipstamatic Prints

So how the heck is Hipstamatic doing?  Good and bad depending how you look at it.  Here are some facts and figures on Hipstamatic’s state at the moment:

  • Hipstamatic has had 4 million app purchases with 48 million pics uploaded per month.
  • In August 2012, Hipstamatic laid off 5 off its 11 staff. 6 employees still remain from the “restructure.”
  • Hipstamatic is currently out of the Top 100 Paid App iTunes Chart.
  • “Competitor”, Instagram, is currently #16 on the Top 100 Free App iTunes Chart with 50 million+ app downloads.

Despite these facts and figures, I think Hipstamatic has been adapting well to the recent popularity of Instagram.  This is evident by Hipstamatic being clear about their positioning for their product.  According to Hipstamatic’s cofounder and CEO, Lucas Buick, “We’ve never been a social networking company, but we clearly benefit from social networks.”

Hipstamatic Sharing

This is made apparent by Hipstamatic venturing into other endeavors relating to smartphone photography such as their new tablet magazine, Snap, and other products/services like Swankolab, Incredibooth and Printlab. In this respect, I think it’s rather business-savvy of Hipstamatic to branch out and break new ground with products/services like this.  After all, would there even be an Instagram without Hipstamatic?  Hipstamatic also established a partnership with Instagram in March 2012 to allow Hipstamatic users to share their photos directly with Instagram.  If you can’t beat them, join them, right?

Also, one should understand that Hipstamatic is meant more for the real photographer.  With Hipstamatic one has to have basic knowledge of flash, lenses, film in addition to filters.  This knowledge is not imperative when using Instagram.  So all in all, I still have a soft spot for Hipstamatic and wish it continued success in the digital photography arena.  If you would like to share your thoughts on Hipstamatic (or Instagram) please free to leave a comment below and let your ROAR be heard!

May 28, 2013 – 8:57 pm

Check out Lion’s Roar Marketing’s updated portfolio with latest clients, the Washington Blade and Govlish.  Click on the company logos to see past work performed (the Washington Blade) and newest work being completed (Govlish).  Work with Govlish is currently well underway with social media networks up and running.  Like and visit them below:




Updated Portfolio

April 2, 2013 – 8:02 pm

Nitro & Metro PDF Photo

There’s nothing like a legit workaround or short-cut to help you get your job done better and faster.  Two great tools I use on occasion for these legit shortcuts are: FoxUtils PDF Merger and Nitro PDF to Word Converter.

Too often I have found myself either having multiple PDFs file that I need to condense into one file OR only having a PDF document that needs to be edited for content.  These tools make this a breeze and feasible.  The best part is that if you’re on a tight budget, the basic functions of these tools are free.

FoxUtils PDF Merger:

Ever have a handful of PDFs the boss wants to be in one comprehensive file?  Or ever only have the ability to download PDF files one by one (I have this issue with exporting Google Analytics data).  Using FoxUtils PDF Merger is the most intuitive PDF Merger tool out there.

1. Go to:

2. Click on “Browse” under Step 1.
3. Right click and hold down CTRL as you select all the files you want to merge into one PRF (the files will be uploaded and sequenced in the order the appear in your browse window).
4. Click Merge PDF
5. Download merged PDF file!

Simple as that.  If you want more features with your PDF Merger experience there are membership/payment plans available.  See below for more:

Nitro PDF to Word Converter:

I bet you there have been times when you have been working on something and your colleague says, “I can’t find that original file but I have the PDF.”  Prior to Nitro PDF to Word Converter you might have said, “Well gee that really helps.”  But no longer will that be your reply.  The Nitro PDF to Word Converter, allows you to drop a PDF file into their system and have it be an editable Word file in minutes.

1. Go to:

2. Under “Select PDF to convert” click on “Browse” and select the file you wish to convert.
3. Enter your email address in section 2
4. Enter the text for the CAPTCHA
5. Click, “Convert to Word”
6. Your freshly converted Word file will arrive in your inbox within minutes.

In addition to the free service, Nitro also has a tool for PDF to Excel and an add-on capability which allows users to download conversion functionality to their Microsoft Word software.  This feature is available for a free trial for 14 days.  A fee is required thereafter (not sure how much exactly).

Hope these tools help you in your document endeavors.  If you have any other suggestions for nifty and awesome business productivity tools, please feel free to leave a comment and let your ROAR be heard!

March 7, 2013 – 8:39 pm

For the first time ever, Lion’s Roar Marketing is having a mini-give away.  The prize?  Two boxes of delicious and addictive Samoa Girl Scout Cookies.  To enter, like Lion’s Roar Marketing Fan Page.  Powered by ShortStack, one just has to like the fan page, enter your name and email address and you’re done.

The contest runs from Wednesday, March 06, 2013 and ends Thursday, March 14, 2013.  The winner will be announced Friday, March 15, 2013 with the two boxes of Samoa’s being shipped to your location within two business days.

To enter, click the following: 

Box of Samoa Girl Scout Cookies

May the odds be ever in your favor.  Thank you from Lion’s Roar Marketing.

UPDATE:  Congratulations to Doug Klein from Leesburg, Ohio for winning two boxes of Samoa Girl Scout Cookies!

February 4, 2013 – 7:54 pm

Govlish Facebook Cover Photo

Lion’s Roar Marketing has a new client, Govlish! Founded and owned by Robert Mander, Govlish is a, “searchable database of federal and state acronyms aimed at demystifying the language of government.” Still in the development stage, Govlish is currently gathering email addresses to provide interested consumers with a notification for when the service has officially launched.

In the meantime, Lion’s Roar Marketing has been brought on to provide social media and newsletter creation services. People who subscribe to Govlish’s email list will have the opportunity to receive Govlish’s free newsletter with exclusive content.

Exclusive content includes demystifying some of the newest acronyms that have emerged in the government world as well as pronunciation. Additionally, comical material such as this acronym from Wyoming: BANANA – Build Absolutely Nothing Anywhere Near Anything (WAM) [buh-NA-nuh].

Govlish aims to provide its services to elected officials, civil servants, government contractors, nonprofits, educators, the media, think and lobbyists. Lion’s Roar Marketing is very excited to be a part of Govlish’s development and can’t wait to see the official launch and beyond of this new and innovative company.

Stay informed about Govlish and stay socially connected by checking out the links below:




January 16, 2013 – 7:51 pm

When you think of Insurance, what words come to mind? Probably mundane, sleep-inducing or fine print intensive, right? Wrong. In the past ten years, I have been astonished by how insurance companies have been able to market their services in a light everything opposite of the words just described.

When you think about it, making insurance fun and sexy is what needs to be done if these companies want to gain customers. Consumers don’t want to think about the likelihood that they’ll get into a devastating car accident or their house being burned to the ground. Therefore, it makes sense insurance commercials distract consumers from thinking about such things when being encouraged to buy their services.

With a spending power of over $4 billion on advertising, the insurance industry is a force to be reckoned with when playing the ad game. Here are five of my favorite insurance commercials.

1. Farmers Insurance – Dog Bites: University Farmers

This commercial came out at the beginning of the year (Jan. 3) and features Mac McGuff (Juno and Spiderman). Especially enjoy this commercial because it combines actually describing what their services are while being incredibly funny at the same time.

2. Esurance – Cheep

Another newer insurance commercial (Oct. 12) which plays around with the word “cheap/cheep.” The strategy in this commercial entails focusing on how all the rage in insurance commercials has been about how much people save.  But Esurance focuses on how they’re a smart choice and have been about saving people money all along.  Gotta love the baby chick too.

3. Progressive – Standoff

The infamous Flo from Progressive Auto Insurance returns in the ongoing series of commercials with another funny short.  The commercial features their new “Name Your Price Tool.”  Never seen Flo get so wiled up like that before.

4. State Farm – Magic Jingle Buffalo

One of my favorites from a couple years ago features the classic State Farm jingle, “Like a good neighbor State Farm is there.”  State Farm’s value proposition is saying they’ll be there at your beckon call (even if there’s a stampede of buffaloes attacking your vehicle).

5. Nationwide Insurance – NationPam

Another oldey but a goody.  Still Nationwide’s jingle, “Nationwide is on your side,” this commercial features Pam and how awesome Nationwide is at serving Pam by not treating her like a policy number a real person.

These are just a few of my favorites.  As stated by Advertising Age’s report on insurance advertising, “The goal is to grab the attention of consumers who would rather not think about insurance.”  Additionally, at any given time their are roughly 20 million Americans who are in the market for a new insurance provider.  That’s a sizable consumer base.  Therefore, let the insurance ad campaigns rage on.

Have any other favorites I missed or you would like to share.  Drop a comment and let your ROAR be heard!



November 16, 2012 – 10:08 pm

The year is 1987. Michael Jackson’s “Bad” reigned on the Billboard Charts, a gallon of gas was $0.89 and Ryan Oliver Alexander Rosado (R.O.A.R.) was born. While cleaning my apartment the other weekend I stumbled upon a little booklet filled with ads from 1987. They’re from Seek Publishing’s “Remember When” series. Thought I’d share them in all their glory.  Blast from the past with some ads:

1987 Ad 11

I remember wearing these.

1987 Ad 8

In the days of cassette tapes.

1987 Ad 7

M&M’s keeps it simple here with minimal text and composition.  Rare for 1987 I’d say.

1987 Ad 6

I guess people had more time to read ads back then.

1987 Ad 5

Even back then women were concerned with highlights despite the dramatic hair styles.

1987 Ad 4

Whitening toothpaste was also around back then as well.

1987 Ad 3

Something I can clearly remember from 1987.

1987 Ad 2

Still in style today.

1987 Ad 1

Saved the best for last.  Remember the bricks?

My how we have come a long way.  If you remember any other killer ads from 1987, feel free to drop a comment and let your ROAR be heard.

November 6, 2012 – 1:25 pm

9 Ways to Improve Your Social Media Marketing Cover Photo

It’s been awhile since I’ve sat in on a Social Media Examiner (SME) webinar but last week I took some time out to get the latest on Social Media by watching SME’s “9 Ways to Improve Your Social Media Marketing.” According to Phil Mershon, Director of Social Media Events for Social Media Examiner, roughly 4,000 people signed up with over 1,000 watching the webinar live. Presenters this time around were Andrea Vahl, Rick Brooks and the infamous Michael Stelzner.

One thing Stelzner pointed out was the information being given in the webinar applied to all spectrums of the business world (B2B and B2C). There’s something for everyone in this presentation.

Now the 9 Ways. As usual, SME only allows their actual webinar to be available for a short period of time and only if you signed up. However, I’m going to list the 9 points they made and make available the PDF of the slides for download.

Here some key takeaways from the webinar:

1. Effortless Social Sharing: Make sure you have sharing buttons placed above the fold on your page (especially for the more pertinent social networks you find the most robust). Good social sharing button options are Digg Digg and the WP-Twitter Retweet Button.

2. Use Images Often: Use a unique and branded image that stimulates a Call-to-Action. A great idea for this is to use a screenshot of posts for previews when posting a status update.

3. Customize YouTube Thumbnails: In order to do this:

a. Go to Settings
b. Channel Settings
c. Monetization
d. Enable My Account


a. Video Manager
b. Info & Settings
a. Customize Thumbnail

4. Mine the mind of the Experts: Stelzner focused on Podcasting. The benefits of Podcasting include: exclusive content for the end user, ability for the end user to multi-task and the fact that Podcasts have a higher consumption rate than videos. Visit to find out how to actually Podcast.

5. Running the Perfect Facebook Ad: Vahl focused on re-engaging Promoted Posts in order to get friends of friends to see your Facebook ad. Another thing that was stressed was using Sponsored Stories more often and to remember if you are selling something, offer a deal.

6. Drive More Traffic to Your Blog: A great way to find out what topics on your blog that attracts visitors is to use Query Reports within Google Analytics. This can be found in the Traffic Sources section of Google Analytics. From this report you will get a good sense of the best topics for future blog posts.

7. Simplify Twitter Management : A couple tools Stelzner mentioned worth looking into were, and Tweetbot (to filter out specific kinds of tweets). Mining your Twitter data will ultimately allow for greater engagement with your audience.

8. Speed Networking on LinkedIn: The key here is to be selective in who you network with. Don’t be lazy and just do the select all option.

9. Making Meaningful Connections: Find complimentary Facebook pages to make connections with. This will foster relationships on Facebook and help build support behind your brand with the help of other companies.

So that’s about the it folks. As usual, Stelzner and his team do a pretty good job delivering information on how the social media landscape is changing and how people connected to social media can adapt to that. Of course there was the plug at the end for Social Media Marketing World. But hey, man’s gotta eat. If you have any feedback on this webinar, feel free to drop a comment and let your ROAR be heard!

Click here to download the PDF of the webinar’s slides.

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